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First, I should answer the obvious question: Why do I give away books for free? Well, publishing is a crowded market these days and I appreciate how readers feel about parting with their hard-earned money. I understand the disappointment of buying something only to find out later it didn't live up to expectations. That's why I give readers a chance to try my writing out FREE. I'm confident that if I give you some of my stories, you'll come back for more. And I don't just give you once chance, but four!

1)The Tinkerer's Daughter, book one of my Tinkerer's Daughter steampunk series is free.
2) Shadow Born, the first book in my young adult fantasy/adventure The Shadow Born Trilogy is a free download also.
3) Murder in the Boughs, Book one of my fantasy detective series, Hank Mossberg, Private Ogre is also Free.
4) You can also download the second book in the series, Death in the Hallows, by signing up for my newsletter.
5) Book one of the Iron Horse series, The Clockwork God, is now free as well!

In order to simplify things, I'll link to each of my account pages. That way, whether you're an Amazon shopper or you prefer a different retailer, you can get a version suitable for your e-reading preferences. Here are the links:

Download free Jamie Sedgwick books at: 

Barnes & Noble
Inktera (sorry, no profile link here - type "Jamie Sedgwick" in the search field) 

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